Camera360 Sponsors ‘Destroy Diabetes’ Artist Photo Shoot Campaign and Benefit Walk
Camera360 Sponsors ‘Destroy Diabetes’ Artist Photo Shoot Campaign and Benefit Walk
Camera 360 Partners Up With #DestroyDiabetes For An All Artist PhotoShoot Campaign 
New York. NY – December 1, 2013 – Camera360, best known for their iPhone and Android photo applications, has partnered with Destroy Diabetes, an organization that fights for those affected by diabetes. Not only have these two organizations partnered for a benefit walk and a diabetes-themed artist photo shoot campaign, they have also established a lifelong movement that aims to benefit millions of people. With the help and appearance of recording artists Shyheim the Rugged Child (known for his affiliations with the Wu-Tang Clan), Eastside Cree of The Killerkidz and Tajhrust Artist for the photo shoot, the sky is the limit for Camera360 and Destroy Diabetes’ charity movement as they aim to help educate and lead the good fight against a disease that currently cripples families all around the world. To further the long-term goal of one day eradicating diabetes from our vocabulary and planet, a portion of tee-shirt sales from Destroy Diabetes will be donated towards the families of those who have been diagnosed with the disease.

About Destroy Diabetes 

A National Campaign Organized To Fight For Those Affected By Diabetes.  

#DestroyDiabetes’ mission is to bring awareness to the youth and families of those affected by diabetes. By educating one another to live a healthy and fulfilled life as well as not letting this disease constrict our ways of living, Destroy Diabetes aims to instead teach everyone to enjoy life to the fullest while making positive, health-conscious and constructive choices.  The founder Cynamin Jones created the Destroy Diabetes campaign in honor of her father who was living with diabetes for 25 years before tragically losing the fight in 2006.  Since her father’s passing, 80% of Cynamin’s family has been diagnosed with diabetes, leading to the conclusion that it was time to educate not only herself, but everyone she loves to start leading a healthier life.  With the Destroy Diabetes campaign, Cynamin hopes to help families who can not afford to eat healthy through sponsored events and proper education about diabetes.  One nutritional meal equals a life of healthy living.  Let’s #DestroyDiabetes and win the fight together! (additional photos)


About Camera360

Camera360 is a worldwide leader in photo applications on iPhone and Android devices. Based in Chengdu, China, and founded by a team with over twenty years experience in digital image processing and research, Camera360 has already achieved global recognition and won numerous awards, including at the 2011 PC World Global Tech Forum. Today, Camera360 boasts over 100 million global users, with nearly half of its user base coming from outside of China. The creators of Camera360 have also launched Movie360, an award-winning video recording application, and, a cloud-based service platform that allows users to easily upload, manage and share photos and other multimedia. Since its launch inSeptember 2012, the cloud platform has already seen over 240 million photos uploaded from around the world and is quickly becoming a leader in multimedia cloud storage.