Get To Know Erin Collins

Jeff Blackwell, Sr. Music-Business Advisor at Dynamic Producer / Dynamic Songwriter sat down with Erin Collins, Vice President, Film, Television & Developing Media at SESAC to discuss the notion of being famous and music for film & television.

What do you feel that songwriters and producers should understand about music for Film and Television?
I think it’s important to understand that you are there to support someone else’s vision. Your music creates the mood and supports the storyline. There’s difference between writing music that pleases yourself, and being on a team of co-creators. If your song isn’t picked by a music supervisor, it’s not necessarily a reflection of your talent – it just means that the song didn’t fit the scene. If you want to increase your chances of a song being licensed, try sticking to generic themes (love, love lost, life is great, etc.), have great production values, and be ready to provide alternate versions, such as instrumental only. And don’t forget to register your songs with your PRO!

Do you ever run in to songwriters and producers that want to be famous but don’t want to put the work in?
Of course! People like that don’t understand how it works. It can take years and years to become an “overnight” success. If you want a lasting career, master your craft. Do what you love and the recognition will follow.

Are you still learning new things about working in the industry?
Literally every day. There’s so much going on now, that it’s a full time job to keep up.

What’s the best advice on the music business that you’ve been given by someone else?
“Check your ego at the door.”

I would like to ask you a non-music related question, what is your favorite television show of all time?
I’m a recovering TV addict, so I have to limit my intake. But I fall off the wagon easily if someone is watching “Arrested Development.”

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