Get To Know James Leach of SESAC

Jeff Blackwell, Sr. Music-Business Advisor at Dynamic Producer / Dynamic Songwriter sat down with James Leach, Vice President, Writer/Publisher Relation, West Coast Operations, SESAC to discuss his background and achieving success in the music industry.


In the past you worked for Fox Television what did you learn from your time there that has helped you with your work at SESAC?

I worked as a Music Supervisor at Fox. This experience helped me better understand the steps involved in cue sheet preparation and the importance of proper processing of cue sheets to assure the credit and subsequent payment to the songwriter whose music is used in a television production.

Do you believe that a songwriter or producer needs to have an artist or even be one in order to see success?

I believe a songwriter/producer needs to develop and maintain a strong database of industry contacts who are familiar with and supportive of their work and may be able to help you secure placements . Having an artist is good, but you if you have no one to listen to your artist, then what is the point?

What’s your recommendation for songwriters and producers who are having trouble understanding what SESAC’s services really are?
I encourage any writer that has trouble understanding what SESAC’s services are to visit the office and I can explain in detail how we can benefit their career.

What direction do you feel that the music business is going in the near future and where do you see SESAC in that ever changing growth?
Streaming services are making a big impact on the music business. From the way it’s created to the way it is delivered to and consumed by music users. SESAC pays close attention to these trends and is there to monitor and protect the intellectual properties of its affiliates through these various changes.

What type of music inspires you on a daily basis? What’s in your CD player?
I listen to a wide variety of music from Sergio Mendes to Watch The Duck. Currently I’m listening to Jay Z, Kendra Morris, JCole, Drake, Kanye, Laura Mvula, Jose James, Robert Glasper, Elvis Costello &The Roots, The Neighborhood, Andy Allo, and the new Tricky album.

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