Get To Know Peniece LeGall

Jeff Blackwell, Sr. Music-Business Advisor at Dynamic Producer / Dynamic Songwriter sat down with Peniece LeGall, Director, Writer/Publisher Relations, SESAC to discuss coordinating showcase events and achieving success in the music industry.


I hear that in the past you coordinated talent for the Essence Music Festival and One Music Festival what did you learn from your time coordinating these showcases?
What I learned from coordinating these shows is that you must be agile. Experienced or not, book-smart or not, nothing wins like being agile and able to adapt to the conditions set in front of you. Making the best decision possible when a curve ball is thrown in your direction and having the ability to rise to any and all occasions is what separates the winners from everyone else.

Tell me about the focus behind the Atlanta SESAC event Tempo Tuesdays and what is the best way that attendees can utilize this event?
Everyone pretty much wants the same basic things: Collaborations, placements, success in the music business or more success in the music business. With those being the issues content creators and publishers are concerned with on the daily, a free, consistent, music business education and networking forum seems befitting. We cover a wide range of topics and you never know who will be in the room. The best way to utilize Tempo Tuesday would be to show up whenever possible regardless to the particular subject matter in the reminder email. I see so many people miss out on great opportunities because when the subject is not of particular interest, they don’t show up. Most folks want instant gratification so they only show when it seems applicable to their specific agenda when really it is about showing up and being in the room. The blessings are in going the extra mile and showing up when you don’t feel like it.

How important is persistence in networking for songwriters and producers?

Persistence is important in networking for anyone including songwriters and producers, but walking the fine line between persistence and not being a bug-a-boo is essential. Also, learning how to build relationships and seeing what is important to the other party should be the number one and two priorities on the road to successful networking. If more people approached networking with those basics in mind, more long-term relationships would be realized and those are the ones you want in this business.

What do you feel is the one mistake that songwriters and producers make when they’re thinking about joining SESAC?
The one mistake songwriters make when joining SESAC, or any PRO for that matter, is looking for instant gratification. Some often think that one meeting or one event is going to change their life. It takes a strong work ethic, consistency and combining the duality of creating and networking to turn these opportunities into success. When you are on the come up, it is not enough to be talented and tucked away in a studio until you feel like coming out. You’ve got to do both…be dope and build your network because very rarely is it about the obvious.

I would like to ask you a non-music related question, what is your favorite movie of all time? 
The Devil Wears Prada!

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