The Come Up – Episode 1

The Come Up: A Producer Docu-Series & Reality Check

Dear members, friends & supporters,

By now, many of you have tuned in right here at Channel Dynamic, our video network that features interviews and advice from leading music industry professionals. What you may not know, is that I was partly inspired to create Channel Dynamic during the time we were filming The Come Up. The Come Up is a docu-series that features 9 producers who convene in Atlanta, GA to get a reality check on everything from their music, to their business and most importantly, their grind.

On a personal note, I’d like to take this opportunity to share how this experience has been EVERYTHING you could imagine. I had highs, I had lows and every other emotion in between. And with every hard decision I had to make along the way, it was a constant reminder that if we strive for greatness, we will forever be challenged. I may be at the helm of the Dynamic empire, but I too create, learn and grow just like you!

I’d also like thank all the participants, sponsors, professionals, supporters and friends who came together to make it happen! There’s no I in team and your contributions have been invaluable.

I hope you guys enjoy the series! Watch episode 1 below!!

So Dynamic,

Felisha “FBI” Booker

Now, with “all this” experience under my belt… oh man…i can’t WAIT to unleash what we have up next….But until then, feel free to let us know your thoughts via @dynamicproducer @channeldynamic @fbisworld on twitter/instagram

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To learn more about casting opportunities for upcoming shows be sure to visit: