Your Music Showcase PRO Tip # 1 – Plan Ahead

Advice from the Pro’s

Plan To Attend.  Plan To Save.

Attending a music showcase in person is one of the most valuable investments you can make.  As an indie music maker, a showcase will help you to gain exposure that may not normally be within your reach.  If you’re an artist, attending a music showcase can help you get signed.  If you are a music producer or songwriter, attending a music showcase can help you land placements.  A music showcase can also help you learn about the music business if there is a seminar, panel, conference or convention tied to it as well.  Before you start thinking about how a music showcase can impact your music career, create a budget to help you manage the expenses.

Music Business 101

It Costs Money To Make Money

There are many music showcase events which take place every year.  Some events are annual while others take place less frequently.  Decide what is important to you when attending a showcase.  Do you want to attend the biggest music showcase event there is (think 50K+ people)?  Or, would you rather attend a smaller music showcase like DCON where you can network easier and stand out more?  Regardless, attending a reputable music showcase will require that you purchase a badge, registration or admission ticket.

By signing up for a music showcase when tickets are first announced, you can take advantage of the best rate.  The best rate can easily save you hundreds of dollars.  Second, if the music showcase is being held outside of your hometown, you will have to pay for travel expenses.  Last minute airline rates are no joke.  If you decide to travel by car or bus, you still need to know the costs to avoid surprises.  Third, you have to budget for your stay in a hotel.  If the music showcase is taking place in a city where you have friends and family, consider staying with them.  If that is not an option, you will have to foot the bill for hotel costs.  You can often minimize this expense by traveling to the music showcase with friends.  Ask all of the music producers, songwriters, musicians or artists that you collaborate with, if they are planning to attend the event.  Just by adding 1 person to the hotel room can save you 50%.  If you are feeling communal, pack 4 people in one room to save even more.  Finally, remember to budget for food, drinks and fun!  As you can see, if you wait until the last minute, the idea of attending a showcase can quickly become a distant memory.  If you do not want that to happen, just plan your trip out at least 3 months.  If you are low on funds, plan your trip up to 1 year in advance.

Launch Your Music Career

You’re worth it!

Attending a music showcase is a necessary step to help you gain connections, land placements and get signed.  To learn more about DCON, our annual conference, convention and showcase, click here!