Your Music Showcase Tip # 4 – Practice & Perfect

A Music Showcase MUST – Perfect Your Craft

In preparation for your next music showcase, it is imperative that you take some time out to practice and perfect.  Too many times we’ve witnessed the same thing over and over again.  From a recording artist who obviously didn’t practice their set to a music producer who decided to play unfinished versions of tracks, don’t let this be you!

For recording artists, perfect your music first.  Then, when planning to attend a music showcase there’s no better piece of advice other than ‘practice makes perfect.’  Create a show.  Don’t just stand on the stage without a plan.  Practice and run through your show until it is airtight.  If you can, have someone film your rehearsals.  Watch the recording to determine how you can have a better show!

If you are a music producer or a songwriter, perfect your music.  Listen to your tracks or songs on various systems.  Make sure the creative aspect of your music is in the pocket.  Use high quality and premium sounds in tracks.  Be sure that your songs are fully arranged.  Take some time out to make sure you are happy with the mix and any mastering effects.

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The Conference & Music Showcase

The conference portion of DCON is an opportunity for music producers, artists and songwriters to participate in music showcase events, network with industry experts and learn about the business.  To provide the attendees with more of an exclusive opportunity, the conference and the music showcase that takes place during the conference is limited to 50 registrations.  There is no red carpet or velvet rope.  Attendees have an opportunity to meet and talk face to face with speakers.  Outstanding performers, producers and songwriters standout during the music showcase & conference.


The Convention & Music Showcase

The convention portion of DCON is an opportunity for beatmakers, producers, songwriters, artists and professionals to network and participate in music showcase events.  Great music is celebrated and future music stars hit the stage for music showcase events specifically for producers, recording artists and songwriters.  Outside of the standard music showcase events like beat battles, artist showcases, remix competitions and lyric & melody songwriter showcases, DCON also hosts workshops and bootcamps.  While not in typical music showcase format, the workshops and bootcamps allow music makers to showcase their music in a feedback forum to make better music.  From live dj sets, competitions, showcases, record swaps and industry q&’s, the convention portion is packed full with networking opportunities.

The goal of DCON is to provide insight and exposure to music producers, songwriters & artists.  To accomplish this, we bring together dynamic music experts who share their knowledge through professional experiences.